Smile Makeover in Astoria, Queens

smile makeover dentist astoria img Anyone can benefit from a Steinway Family Dental Center Smile Makeover, whether they need slight cosmetic work (chipped/broken teeth) or a significant amount of work done (missing teeth, changing tooth size, shape or color), we can work with them to see what they need. There are many types of smile restorations, anything from full mouth reconstruction to something as simple as replacing mercury-amalgam fillings with strong composite restorations that match the individual’s teeth. What we do at SFDC is take an overall view of what is going on with a person’s mouth and the aesthetic state of their teeth and then develop a treatment plan that will improve a patient’s smile.

The cost of your Smile Makeover will vary on a case by case basis. To schedule a consultation with one of our specialists, call 718-728-3314.

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