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With the correct care after a root canal most teeth will last as long as natural teeth. However some teeth that have had endodontic treatment (a root canal) fail to heal and may become re-infected. The tooth may become painful and infected months or even years after treatment.

If your previous root canal has developed new problems then you have a second chance. Another endodontic treatment may have to be performed in order to save your tooth.

There may be a variety of reasons for this happening:

  • The narrow or curved canals were not treated during the initial procedure.
  • The dentist was not able to treat the first root canal properly due to complicated root canal anatomy.
  • Saliva contaminated the tooth during the first restoration.

However you may have a second chance to save your tooth with endodontic treatment.

In some cases it may be for different reasons that the previous root canals has failed.


New decay in the tooth can expose the inside of the tooth root canal filling to bacteria which causes a fresh infection.

A loose, cracked, broken or loose crown or filling can expose the tooth to new infection.

The tooth sustains fracture.

The dentist will discuss your treatment options and if you choose the re-treatment option he will reopen the tooth to gain access to the root canal filling material. In some cases the post, core and restorative crown material must be taken apart and removed in order to gain access to the root canals.

Once the dentist cleans the root canals and once they are clearly examined using strong magnification, he will search for additional canals or root canal anatomy that will require special treatment.

The dentist will then fill the root canals and seal them by placing a temporary filling in the tooth. If the canals are unusually narrow then the patient will need endodontic surgery and he will be referred to an endodontist

Once the treatment is completed the patient will be required to return to the dentist as soon as possible in order to have a new crown or other restoration placed on the tooth to restore it to its full function.

In all instances, it is always best to save your natural teeth. Teeth that are retreated can function well for years. The benefits of saving a tooth through endodontic surgery outweigh having the tooth removed, with the possibility of damaging adjacent teeth and the need for a dental implant. If you think you have a root canal that needs retreated, contact us at Steinway Family Dental Center to see either Dr Dayanayev or Dr Malakov. For more serious issues you will be referred to Dr Webber.

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