Dental Implant Treatment Plan

At your initial consulation Dr Dayanayev, Dr Malakov or Dr Morrone will refer you to Dr Terranova who is a periodontist and oral surgeon with over 35 years experience in placing dental implants. At the initial consultation Dr Terranova will make an oral examination and will be able to determine if you are a candidate for dental implants. He will confirm his decsicion using the iCAT scanner that will give him a 3D overview of the teeth you have, the teeth you are missing and the density of your bone where you are missing teeth. If there is already a missing tooth and there is not enough bone to place the dental implant then Dr Terranova will recommend a bone graft in order to build up the bone density in the area of the missing tooth to compensate for bone loss.

This will take up to 4 months to heal and which case he will take another iCAT scan. If he has to wait longer for the bone to regenerate then further time will be needed to wait for the bone density to increase. At the point where there is significant bone available to perform a dental implant the doctor will place a dental implant into the jawbone and then wait a further 4 months for the process of osseo-integration to take place whereby the bone becomes fused to the titatanium implant ( also known as the abutment).

Once the dental implant has integrated Dr Terranova will begin taking impressions for the crown that will eventually be attached to the implant.( Abutment) Once Dr Terranova receives the final restoration (crown) he will uncover place the newly restored crown on top of the abutment. The patient now has a fully functional crown that is permanently attached to the jaw.

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