What are the benefits of dental implants?

The ability of dental implants to improve a patients mental state and overall well-being is beyond comparison to a patient that previously had poor dental health. The psychological factor is a huge improvement for patients in that they now feel confident about smiling and are able to use their teeth that function properly and look real.

The overall dentition (entire set of teeth is improved) just by adding a single dental implant. This is because when we place an implant we strengthen the lost bone and we protect the surrounding teeth – therefore increasing their life expectancy. For many patients the implant is more robust and solid than the tooth that it has replaced. Patients who opt for bridges and partials are often unaware that their dentition is weakened by forcing other teeth to carry the burden of the missing ones.
By placing dental implants we are preserving the bone levels that are lost when a tooth is removed. The titanium implant causes bone to grow around it in the fusion process known as osseo-integration. This process strengthens the bone in the jaw and will prevent loss of bone density in the future.

Restored your self-esteem and get back your self-confidence.

The psychological factor for many patients having their teeth restored through dental implants is huge and is the most common aspect of dental implants that patients love to talk about. Now that they have dental implants they can talk freely with self confidence and give themselves a younger appearance. Noe that they have the ability to eat the foods they want, they can eat a more nutritional diet and restore their health.

Improved facial and smile appearance

The placing of dental implants preserves the bone in the jawline and prevent loss of facial contour and structure. Therefore the patient overall appearance is improved. A lack of teeth in a patients mouth means that there is nothing left in the patients jaw to stimulate growth. The body has it’s own way of sending that the jawbone is no longer necessary and it gradually begins to dissolve bone structure. This can cause facial collapse. If it ever gets to this stage it becomes difficult for the patient to wear a denture due to the fact that there is very little bone left in the patients mouth to support it. This can cause the patient lips to fold in. The lower part of the face can fold in around the lips and the chin can become reduced in size. This can cause wrinkling and generally make the person look older than they are. The main benefit here of dental implants is that it can prevent the complete collapse of facial structure and the appearance of wrinkles cause by the posterior bite collapse.

Restore the original function of your mouth.

Dental implants are the most advanced replacement for missing teeth available today. When the surgeon replaces the entire tooth, including the root by placing an implant it is entirely possible to replicate the function of natural teeth. Here we have created a strong and robust foundation onto which we can place a prosthetic crown. The patient will feel like nothing feels artificial and the dental implants are closest scientific replacement for lost teeth available today.

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